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Nanny Responsibilities

Being a nanny is a very rewarding occupation. You have the opportunity to be a part of the future of each and every child in your employer's family. A nanny's foremost responsibility is to provide quality care and supervision for the employer's child or children.

Caring for the children is a demanding and time consuming job that encompasses the following duties: Helping with numerous child-related tasks such as meal preparation, feeding, bathing,  dressing, keeping children's rooms tidy, making children's beds, doing children's laundry, and straightening the playroom at the end of the day. Planning and structuring play opportunities and activities that are developmentally appropriate for your particular child or children. Interacting and playing with your child or children, reading stories, providing creative experiences, going for walks, etc. Additionally you may be called on to help school age children with homework.

If there are hours during the day that do not involve direct child care, light housekeeping chores such as family laundry, loading and emptying the dishwasher, errands, grocery shopping and dinner preparation may be part of your nanny responsibilities.

Some nannies are qualified for other services including the following:

Temporary Nannies - Typically works for a family 6 months or less. Temporary nannies may be called on for any type of service including babysitting. 

Mother's Helper - When mother returns home from the hospital, she may want/need a mother’s helper.  Families who will hire a mother’s helper have one stay at home parent. Responsibilities would include helping out with the care of the children to light domestic help.

Post Natal Helper / Newborn Specialist  - Is hired to care for a baby on a temporary basis.  A post-natal helper will assist in all newborn needs that take place during the day or night. They will feed, burp, diaper, rock, sing, administer medicine (upon parent’s approval), etc. A post-natal helper may work as little as a week or may work until that new little one is on a regular sleeping schedule. A post-natal helper must have experience with newborns and may have experience with multiples and/or preemies.

Night Nanny - Is a childcare professional who works overnight shifts after the baby arrives home from the hospital. The Night Nanny's responsibilities include caring for the infant(s), bottle-feeding and/or breastfeeding support for the mother, comforting the infant(s), changing diapers, and tidying the nursery. The Night Nanny can also implement a sleep schedule to help infants sleep through the night. Night Nannys may also perform light housework that pertains to the baby: including washing bottles and breast pump equipment, preparing formula for the following day, emptying the diaper pail and helping with the baby's laundry.

A Post Natal Helper - Has more experience than a night nanny.  She can teach the mother how to swaddle, burping positions, bathing routines, and even help with getting the baby on a sleep schedule.  A Post Natal Helper may help with the infant's laundry, and any other required infant care.

Summer Nanny - Works summers on a full time or part-time basis. Nannies can plan fun activities and outings for children as well as take children to activities the parents may already have scheduled. Most summer nannies are college students or teachers who are interested in caring for children during the summer months. Nannies' salaries vary depending on experience, education, hours needed, number of children and responsibilities. In East Texas, most summer nannies earn between $9-$12 per hour.

Governess - A governess normally watches school age children and is considered more of an educator or tutor. A governess helps the children excel in school, teaches the children when they are not in school, supervises the child's visiting friends, and helps maintain the household.

Personal Assistant / House Manager - May or may not have any childcare duties. The personal assistant is present to assist employers in day to day needs.  A personal assistant may help with light housework, errands, laundry, vacation planning, meal preparation, help in the office, etc.  The house manager may oversee all estate staff, know their responsibilities, and follow through to be sure the staff meet expectations.  A house manager assures the house "runs" smoothly leaving you freed from household responsibilities.

Baby Sitter or Child Sitter - A baby-sitter supervises the children. She puts their safety first and tends to their needs as requested by the parents. A baby-sitter does not have any household duties. She must have a minimum of two years experience, excluding your own children or children of relatives.

Baby sitters and child sitters are paid hourly and are hired on an irregular basis.

Our services include evening & weekend sitters, hotel babysitting (for out of town guests), on call sitters (in absence of regular child care), sick care programs (when daycare is not an option), event help (weddings, conventions, etc.), and much more!!

Many of our babysitters are:

  • Current or former nannies who are available weekends and/or evenings. 
  • College students who are majoring in early childhood education or a related field. 
  • People with teaching or daycare experience. 
  • Mothers, who have raised their own children and wish to continue working with kids. 
  • ALL sitters must have their own transportation. 
  • ALL sitters are screened in the to the same extent as other nannies